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--Jason Mraz

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Sunday Soup

Chopping up what's left in the fridge.

Every Sunday, if you were to stop by my home, you would likely find a chicken carcass simmering away on the stove with a few potatoes, carrots and onions.  I leave it there on low for a few hours to make the worlds best broth. 

Some celery, carrots, green beans and peppers,

My husband Ian likes to take a chicken sandwich for lunch and a bowl of soup.  I think I have been making soup every Sunday since – forever. 

This will simmer away for hours
There is no recipe for chicken soup.  Or should I call it ‘clean out the fridge’ soup?    Typically, the soup is a mix of the veggies in the fridge, any left over pasta or rice.  I mix it up, put it in my crock pot and leave it to work its magic.
Ian rarely gets sick and I am sure that a weekly serving of homemade slow simmered soup is just what the doctor ordered.
Do you make soup?
Live High,

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Purses

I have taken a few months off from the blog.  I haven’t been too crafty since breaking my tailbone on New Year’s Eve.  Readers of this blog know that there is not a good story to go with that little accident.  I have a brand new pair of glasses to make sure I don’t fall again….

I have been wearing glasses for almost 30 years, just now they include ahem, bifocals....

Recently, I was cleaning out my sewing and crafting space and I came across a number of WIPs (Works in Progress).  I have a few crafts to complete – a poster with some Jason Mraz lyrics, and some Easter decorations.  I have too much crocheting to complete – there is a wrap for me, a blanket for my good friend who just had a baby (maybe I will complete it before her son turns a year!!) and a blanket for my niece.  That blanket needs at least 18 roses on it and they are going to take a while.

On the sewing pile, there are the two black to grey ribbon skirts, a ruffle blanket, curtains for my living room and two spring purses.  The purses were embarrassing, they are almost done and I can’t remember why I did not finish them.

When catching up on projects, it’s so satisfying to have some easy wins so the purses where the first things I completed. 

Here is a close up of the fabric.  So pretty.

This blue purse is a from a pattern found on the pattern pile website and I can't seem to locate the link.  The purse was almost done, it needed a good iron, installation of the snaps and to sew the lining in.  I think it took me an hour. 

The second purse was something I just made up, my own design.  As someone who admits to reading a lot of blogs, I am sure I just made this pattern up from some purse I had seen on any number of blogs.

It has wooden handles and a floral lining.  I think the outer part of this purse is boring and I may add some fabric flowers to brighten it up.  Its spring so why not have some fun!

A nice purse to go with bright summer clothes.

This is the inside of the beige purse

I guess next up will be the ribbon skirts, or maybe a summer dress or that red wool skirt…..sigh.

Let me know if you like the purses.

I'm sharing here:

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Angel

This is my Bronwyn from a few years ago.

Bronwyn is my youngest child and she still believes in Santa. Given that she is my baby, I am loathe to have that part of her childhood disappear into memory.  This year she has been asking 'Is Santa real?" "How does he deliver presents to everyone?" and so it goes.

We were driving the other day and Bronwyn was wondering what colour mittens Mrs.Claus was going to knit for her this year.  This filled me with mild curiosity.  I asked her more and she informed me that Mrs. Claus had knitted her a nice pair of lavender mittens last year.  Interesting.  I wonder when I had bought her lavender mittens and I could not remember telling her who made them for her.  I'm sure I am not the only parent who buys stuff through out the year and forgets...

The well worn and much loved lavender mitts, knitted by Mrs. Claus.

Bronwyn's desire for a new pair of hand made mittens caused me a panic.  I knit and I crochet but I certainly do not make mittens.  Also, given the late date, most craft fairs were over and I don't know anyone who I could call in a favour.

Crap.  Double CRAP.  Profanity Friday CRAP.

I did a search of kijiji and found a person who knits hats and scarves - no mention of mitts.  I sent an email anyway.  It turns out she did knit mitts and would happily sell me a pair of them.  Astonishingly, she knit me mitts in a few days.  I paid her extra because she was charging too low and she also donates her hats and scarves to her church.  The extra cash could pay for some more wool.
Here are the mitts she made for me:

So nice of her to make these mittens for me.
Pretty awesome right?!  This may be Bronwyn's last year of believing in some of the magic of Christmas, and this is one of those special things she will remember.  I made a little card from Mrs. Claus saying she read the request in Bronwyn's letter to Santa.
I hope you have a Merry Christmas and you have a chance to do something special for someone this holiday season.
Live High,